Absolute Black Marble

Absolute Black Marble is one of the stunning black marbles with white veins throughout its texture. Today, for creating a modern environment, the black marbles with white streaks are commonly used in the interior design of buildings, therefore, it is mostly considered as a decorative stone. Moreover, Low water absorption and high compressive strength of this fascinating black marble has made it highly popular in international markets.

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  • Interior building design
  • Suitable for kitchen counter top
  • Flooring of the commercial places and parking lots
  • Interior façade of religious places
  • Lobbies, fire places and elevator frames of luxurious buildings
  • Building stairs and yards


  • Dark black background
  • Pretty low water absorption
  • High abrasion power
  • High density
  • Cannot be used in exterior façade of the buildings due to being decolored under the sun, also it is not resistant to climate changes due to its nature.

Factors Affecting Black Marble Price

  • Solid color and being deep black
  • The less fossils and grains there are in the stone, the higher price it will have
  • The Quality of slabs processing
  • Dimension of the slabs: the thicker and larger the slab is, the higher it will be priced

Physical and Chemical Analysis

Standard Parameters Porosity Special Weight Abrasive Resistance Compressive Resistance Water Absorption
MIN Petty 1.80 2.20 600 0.03
MAX 2.50 2.80 6 2200 1.50
Black Marble 1.00 3.8 1650 0.4