Amazon Green Granite

Amazon Green Granite Has a very special theme/background of dark green with red grains resembling seeds of pomegranate that are easily visible in its surface. This type of stone is categorized under granites. It has always drawn the attention of architects and they have always used this exquisite granite in the projects. It has few sorts. Its weaker sorts are a bit brighter. In other words, the sorting varies from darker green to the brighter green along this spectrum.

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  • Pavement of Interior Designs
  • Pavements of Exterior Spaces
  • Pavements of Yards and Sidewalks
  • Pavements of Sanitary and Industrial Sheds
  • Applicable in the Exterior Façade of Buildings with Respect to High Resistance of The Stone Against Sunlight, Wind and Rain
  • Applicable in the Body of The Walls and Staircases
  • Applicable in the Walls and Floors of Buildings
  • Tv Rooms
  • Stone Statues and Stone-Made Accessories
  • Applicable in Religious Places
  • Countertops in Medical Offices, Commercial Complexes and Hotels


  • Viscosity/Adhesiveness
  • High Resistance Against Climatic Changes
  • Low Water Absorption
  • Resistance Against Direct Sunlight
  • Resistance Against Pressure
  • Resistance Against Ignition

Physical and Chemical Analysis

Standard Parameters Porosity Water Absorption Compressive Strength Special Weight Abrasive Strength
Minimum 0.55 0.03 2700 2.61 2.6
Maximum 1.9 1 3400 2.64 6
Green Granite 0.13 0.12 1730 2.75 3.2