Black Travertine

Black Travertine Stone is one of the most popular Travertine stones. It is an interesting item to be applied in decorative and architectural projects. TACT SPOT has exclusive supplier of Black Travertine in Middle East, in order to be responsive to respected client’s inquiries. Now mass production in such amazing Travertine stone is completely possible.



  • Main and exterior view of classic and modern facade
  • Interior facade and interior walls
  • Landscaping
  • Making decorative artifacts


  • super and excellent grades have a bright and dazzling color and also less pores
  • Have high density and can publishable
  • Cut with saw and advanced machine to minimize its loss
  • Undoubtedly the best option for the façade of the building
  • Very easy to clean and maintain this stone

Physical and Chemical Analysis

Parameters Porosity Liquid Absorption Compressive Strength Specific Weight Abrasion Resistance
Minimum 2 0.2 300 2.4 2.7
Maximum 12 6 800 2.7 4
Black Travertine 5.05 2.1 510 2.54 3.3