Dark Red Travertine

Dark Red Travertine Stone is a stone with a red background and white grains. This stone is mostly used for stone façade and wall projects of residential and commercial buildings. Because travertine is a completely natural stone, no two pieces are the same, which creates a very diverse and beautiful pattern. This stone is used in combination with light travertine stones (cream-white-façade brick and etc.). Red travertine stone is one of the most unique type of stone in world with special place in global markets in both processed & rock shapes. it can be sawn in vein cut, cross cut shapes in tile and slab dimensions.


Red Travertine range is offered in both slab and tile formats, with tiles being manufactured in predefined measurements and slab sizes varying depending on the stone block extracted. It is worth noting that for custom dimensions can be fabricated depending on the size of the projects. Red travertine is supplying in TACT SPOT at a competitive price.


  • Interior view
  • Main view
  • It can be used walls, stairs, stone walls, lobby, parking,
  • Classic and modern façade
  • Landscaping
  • Making decorative artifacts (using low grades of stone)
  • In the form of guillotines and windmills, façade bricks or composites in the façade of the building
  • As a complementary view
  • As an antique stone
  • In the form of crushed and small pieces that are in the form of leather and its application in the form of tiles in bathrooms and toilets
  • Using slabs in the floor of houses


  • It has a very high resistance to sunlight, cold, and heat, so etc.
  • It will also be a beautiful complement to the façade and interior design due to its special color and design.
  • Reasonable price due to the internal nature of the mines
  • High resistance to extreme cold
  • Sound and heat insulation due to keeping cold and coolness in its surface layer
  • Lightness due to cavities and porosity
  • Very durable and strong against abrasion, discoloration, paleness and fracture
  • Special colors and designs and beautiful complements for building façade design
  • Very easy to clean and maintain


Physical and Chemical Analysis

Parameters Porosity Liquid Absorption Compressive Strength Specific Weight Abrasion Resistance
MIN 3 0.1 400 2 2.50
MAX 10 3 800 2.5 4
Red Travertine 8 2.4 506 2.67 3