Fire resisting ,halogen free & flame retardant power cable

Technical data:

– Power cable according to IEC 60502-1, IEC 60331

– Temperature range:

flexing C°-5

Operating temperature: C°+90

Short circuit temperature: C°+250

– Nominal voltage: U0/U=0.6/1 KV

– Test voltage: 4KV a.c. 50Hz


– Where in case of fire human life and material assets are to be protected and a safety consciousness take a special significance.

e.g. in industrial complexes, public buildings, hotels, airports, underground railway networks, hospitals.

Cable structure:

– Cu / MGT / XLPE / LSHF

– -copper conductor class 1 or class 2 acc. IEC 60228

– Mica glass fiber tape

– Insulation XLPE

– Filler: halogen free compound

– Sheath: halogen free flame retardant