Flexible control cable NYSLY

Technical data:

– Control cable according to IEC 60227-7, DIN VDE 0245

– Temperature range:

max. permissible temperature in conductor

in operation: C°+70

in short-circuit: C°+150

flexing: C°-5 to C°+50

fixed installation: C°-40 to C°+70

– Nominal voltage: U0/U=300/500 V

-Test voltage a.c. ,50 Hz: 2 KV, 5min


– Used as control and connecting cable in machines, conveyor belts, production lines, machine tool industries, progressive assembly lines, automatic handling apparatus for medium mechanical stress.

Cable structure:

– Cu / PVC / PVC

– Copper conductor class 5 IEC 60228

– Insulation PVC/D

– Cores stranded in layer without central core

– Sheath PVC/ST9 70°C