Flexible PVC single cores NYAF

Technical data:

– PVC single cores as VDE 0281-3, IEC 60227-3

– Temperature range:

flexing C°-5 to C°+70

fixed installation C°-30 to C°+80

– Nominal voltage:

0.5 to 1 U0/U=300/500 V

1.5 and higher U0/U=450/750 V

– Test voltage: 2500V a.c. 50Hz


These insulated wires are suitable for laying in tubes, under and surface mounting of plasters, in closed installation conduits and in electrical panels and devices. Direct laying in plaster is not permitted.

Cable structure:

– Cu / PVC

-Bare annealed copper fine wire stranded to VDE 0295, HD 383, IEC 80228, class5.

– Insulation PVC/C