Halogen free power cable N2XH 0.61 KV

Technical data:

– Power cable according to HD 604 S1, DIN VDE 0276

– Temperature range:

flexing C°-5

Operating temperature: C°+90

Short circuit temperature C°+250

– Nominal voltage: U0/U=0.6/1 KV

– Test voltage: 4KV a.c. 50Hz


– Overall filled inner sheath, covered by filling compound or wrapped tape

Outer sheath of thermoplastic polyolefin compound HM4, to HD604 S1, halogen free. (color black)

Cable structure:

– Cu / XLPE / Thermoplastic Polyolefin

– copper conductor class1 and 2 acc. IEC 60228 یا VDE 0295

– Insulation XLPE

– Halogen free core insulation XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene)