Paving Brick

Beautifying the interior and exterior with bricks is not only for the wall, you can also create this visual appeal with bricks on the floor. Brick flooring for yard, garden, street pavement, etc. is very popular today and many designers and builders recommend brick flooring because of the variety and features of this material.

Until now, the idea of many people is to build floors with bricks in parks, sidewalks and gardens, but since today bricks have found a special place in the interior design, using bricks for the floor of the house can create a different and significant look.

In addition to the living room and bedroom, you can also use brick as a floor covering in the bathroom and kitchen. Of course, when using brick flooring in the bathroom and wet area, should be careful the brick which is used, has very little moisture absorption and does not cause dandruff.

The types of bricks used on the floor include unburnt bricks, classical bricks, rustic bricks, glazed bricks & etc.

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