Rocky Façade Brick

The use of artificial stones and especially rocky bricks in the interior decoration and façade of the building has increased significantly day by day.

As it is very difficult to transport large rocks to the building, we can make it with artificial rock or rocky brick by using materials such as stone powder, cement and other material.

Rocky brick can be used in the lobby of the building, interior decoration, a part of the reception hall, swimming pool, behind the TV and even the façade of the building.

For the first time in the 19th century, antique stone and artificial brick were made in Italy. Due to the beauty of the design in the stone façade and interior decoration, it quickly found its fans.

What are the reasons for using rocky façade bricks?

  • Much lower cost than rock
  • Freedom to choose the desired color and shape with its diverse design

Rocky brick is made from a combination of minerals and unburnt soil. Creatively and artistically, artificial rock can be seen in different forms. This ancient rocky brick has a density higher than normal and this is the reason for its strength and stability against shocks caused by heat and cold.

Rocky brick is free of dandruff for many years due to its special formulation.

Relive the feeling of living in nature by using rocky faced bricks or stone-patterned bricks on the façade of the building.

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