Silver Travertine

Silver Travertine Stone is one of the most famous and popular travertine stones in the world because of the most amazing colors that represents its stylishness. Silver travertine stone is an example of porous stones that can be used as decorative stones. This stone is one of the most well-known stones with two colors, one with a light black background (smoked) and the other dates with white and gold streaks.


Silver Travertine Stone is popular in Middle East and the world. Travertine is used as a plaque in the façade of Buildings. Silver travertine stone is mainly processed in 40 lengths and slabs in the form of polished and leather, which due to the use of this stone in modern and combined facades, is often processed as undulating and wave less.

Due to dark color and late appearance of dirt on its surface, the filth of the environment has no negative effect on it. Even in very cold areas with a lot of rainfall, it can work in the façade of the building without worrying about dropping the stone. Because of their high porosity, it causes cement or glue to penetrate it and attaches the stone very well to the structure. The stone has beautifully colored gray wavy streaks that most architects prefer to use for different surfaces.


  • Paving of hall and reception and rooms and hall floors
  • exterior and interior facades, stairs paths and wall stair of buildings
  • margins
  • frame and elevator margin
  • cabinet and kitchen space
  • counter
  • interior and exterior walls of the building
  • Lobby of luxury hotels, stores and business centers
  • Luxury toilets and luxurious WC and master bathrooms


  • high pressed resistance
  • high abrasion resistance
  • very high strength
  • resistant to cold, heat and sunlight
  • relatively low water absorption
  • High density

Factors Affecting the Price

  • If the color of the stone is darker, the price of silver stone is higher
  • The lower the wave and the more regular the halos of the stone, the stone has higher price
  • If the diameter and thickness of silver travertine stone is higher therefor the price is more
  • The taller the dimensions of silver travertine stone and the more precise cuts it has, the higher the price will be
  • Quality of travertine processing

Physical and Chemical Analysis

Parameters Porosity Liquid Absorption Compressive Strength Specific Weight Abrasion Resistance
Minimum 3 0.03 300 1.8 2.2
Maximum 12 1.5 800 2.8 6
Silver Travertine 5 0.21 400 2.67 3