Light Cream Travertine

Light Cream Travertine with bright theme and beautiful and regular waves is one of the most famous and high quality white travertines in Middle East and the world due to its good physical characteristics and bright color and good polishing. Travertine is often processed as 40 longitudinal or slabs and in two ways are processed: wave less and undulating. in the process of producing and processing this stone, high quality resins and abrasives are used to enhance the quality and strength of the stone.


Light cream travertine has different sorts and the weak degrees of this stone are seen as black and pink streaks. This privileged travertine is often used in luxury and expensive projects and is also widely used in roman and classical facades due to its invariable and beauty.


  • Main and exterior view of classic and modern facade
  • Interior facade and interior walls
  • Landscaping
  • Making decorative artifacts


  • super and excellent grades have a bright and dazzling color and also less pores.
  • Have high density and can polishable.
  • The weaker handle of this stone has red veins.
  • Cut with saw and advanced machine to minimize its loss
  • Undoubtedly the best option for the façade of the building
  • Very easy to clean and maintain this stone

Physical and Chemical Analysis

Parameters Porosity Liquid Absorption Compressive Strength Specific Weight Abrasion Resistance
Minimum 2 0.2 300 2.4 2.7
Maximum 12 6 800 2.7 4
Cream Travertine 5.05 2.1 510 2.54 3.3