Decorative Brick

Decorative Brick (tile brick) has beautiful and eye-catching designs and patterns. Also, decorative brick can be used to make different types of design.

Performing any design and pattern that attracts the attention of the audience and attractive object in his opinion is called decorative. Decorative brick is the same as ordinary and simple tile. These bricks are made into various shapes and designs with modern methods and industrial tools and are used in the floor and façade of the building.

In this method, the tile is shaped using patterns, molds and special techniques such as casting and designing regular or irregular surfaces.

Decorative floor bricks are used in homes, commercial spaces, restaurants, hotels, exhibitions and other public places. This method can be used inside and outside the building.

By using decorative floor bricks, you can create your favorite designs and patterns on the floor of your home or work space and make your interior decoration more surprising and attractive.

These bricks can be used in combination with mirrors, glass, stone, porcelain tiles and etc. and by using the combined designs of this material, you can give beauty and glory to your architecture.

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