Flexible control cable NYSLYCY

Technical data:

– Control cable according to IEC 60227-7, DIN VDE 0245

– Temperature range:

max. permissible temperature in conductor

in operation: C°+70

in short-circuit: C°+150

flexing: C°-5 to C°+50

fixed installation: C°-40 to C°+70

– Nominal voltage: U0/U=300/500 V

– Test voltage a.c. ,50 Hz: 2 KV, 5min


– As control and connecting cable in machines, conveyor belts, production lines, machine tool industries, progressive assembly lines, automatic handling parts for medium mechanical stress and for fixed installation but not suitable for open air. The copper screening assures a disturbance-free data and signal transmission for measuring and control systems.

Cable structure:

– Cu / PVC / PVC

– Copper conductor class 5 IEC 60228

– Insulation PVC/D

– Cores stranded in layer without central core

– Tinned copper braided screening coverage approx. 86%

– Sheath PVC/ST9 70°C