Instrument cables with PVC insulation and sheath

Technical data:

– Instrumentation cable acc. to BS 5308

– Temperature range:

flexing C°-5 to C°+50

fixed installation C°-30 to C°+70

– Nominal voltage: Max 300V

– Voltage test:

Core/Core 1000V a.c. 50Hz

Core/Screen 1000V a.c. 50Hz

– Insulation resistance: 500V D.C

individual conductor: Min 25Mohm*km

individual screens: Min 1Mohm*km

– Mutual capacitance: 250pF/m at 1KHz

– Capacitance between any core or screen: 400pF/m at 1KHz


Instrumentation cables are used in data processing and process control the individual screening of the pairs guarantee high cross-talk attenuation. The electro static screen protect the screened pairs against outer electro static interference fields Low level of line attenuations and low mutual capacitances enable long transmission distances and fast pulse acceleration. Instrumentation cables are suitable for fixed installation in damp locations, in open spaces and for under-ground laying.

Cable structure:

– Copper conductor class 2 or 5

– Core insulation of PVC

– Cores twisted in pairs with optimum pitch

– PIMF (pair in metal foil)

– Electro static (st) of plastics coated alu-foil and plastic foil

– Sheath of gray PVC