Persian Green Marble

Persian Green Marble which main theme color is green. The white and gray streaks alongside on its surface, due to the existence of the calcites in marble, has made an elegant pattern on the surface of the stone. It is a very dense stone, so it has different applications. The main application of this marble is for flooring and interior façade of buildings. The low water absorption and high compressive resistance has made this stone one of the most applicable marbles.

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  • Paving of The Hotel Lobbies
  • Luxury Residential and Commercial Complexes Paving
  • Applicable to Stair and Parking Lots
  • Interior Façade of Buildings
  • Interior Walls of Buildings’ Lobbies


  • A Solid and Very Dense Marble
  • Suitable for High-Rise Areas Due to Its Unique Pattern
  • Reasonable Price
  • Good Abrasion Power
  • A Marble with A Unique Pattern Throughout Its Surface
  • Low Water Absorption
  • High Compressive Resistance
  • Not Resistant to Climate Changes Due to Its Texture

Features Affecting Marble Price

  • Amount of veins and fossils: the less fossils and veins the stone has, the higher it will be priced
  • Uniformity of the stone: more uniform stones with a solid color will cost much
  • Dimensions of the slab: the bigger slabs need more precision in cutting; as a result, their price is higher.
  • Thickness of the slabs: thicker slabs will be priced higher.
  • Quality of processing: top quality slabs are much more expensive
  • Polishing quality
  • Precision in cutting the stone

Physical and Chemical Analysis

Standard Parameters Porosity Special Weight Abrasive Resistance Compressive Resistance Water Absorption
MIN Petty 2.5 2.5 500 0.3
MAX 2.5 2.8 6 1500 1.5
Green Marble 0.52 2.69 3 1290 0.77