Red Conglomerate Marble

Red Conglomerate Marble is a marble with a quit light red theme with thin golden-white pattern throughout its surface created a much more elegant look for the stone. Due to this marble low water absorption and high polishing quality, it is an appropriate choice for applying in interior parts of buildings such as kitchen, TV room, elevators frame and lobbies.

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  • Flooring of hotels
  • Interior design of buildings
  • Interior walls and lobbies of buildings
  • Flooring of commercial and residential complexes
  • Parking flooring and staircases
  • Elevators frame


  • A high polishing quality
  • Good strength
  • A dark background and matchless pattern
  • Low water absorption
  • High abrasive resistance
  • Incredibly shiny


Factors Affecting Marble Price

  • Slabs with Less fossils and veins throughout their surfaces are priced higher
  • Slabs enjoying more solid color and uniform texture are pricy
  • Thicker slabs are more expensive
  • Marble slabs with larger dimensions are priced higher
  • The quality of slabs processing in terms of resin, polishing and epoxy has a direct impact on Marble price


Physical and chemical Analysis

Standard Parameters Porosity Special Weight Abrasive Resistance Compressive Resistance Water Absorption
MIN Petty 2.16 2 500 0.3
MAX 2.5 2.56 6.5 1500 7.5
Red Marble 1.02 2.77 3.5 1275 0.23