Telephone installation cables

Technical data:

– Telephone-installation cable acc. to VDE 00815, IEC 60189-1

– Temperature range:

during operation C°-5 to C°+50

before and after installation C°-30 to C°+70

– Nominal voltage: Max 200V

– Voltage test:

Core/Core 800V a.c. 50Hz

– Insulation resistance: Min 100Mohm*km

– Mutual capacitance at: 100nF/Km at 1000Hz


J-yy installation cables are preferably used as telephone cables in telephone stations and sub-extensions, suitable for installation in dry and damp environments.

as well as in the open air for fixed installation on outer walls of buildings. Laying underground is not permissible.

Cable structure:

– Bare or tinned annealed copper conductor, solid, 0.5 & 0.6 mm

– PVC insulation

– Twinning: two insulated conductors twisted together

– the pairs arc stranded to units of max. 25 pairs

– core wrapping with plastic tape

– PVC sheath