White Travertine

White Travertine Stone is one of the best, most famous and brightest export stones among travertines. This quality stone can be used in interior and exterior parts of the building. White travertine is one of the stone building that is often used for different types of facades. Most of the properties of this stone can be explained according to its texture. Due to its high density, this stone has a good resistance to climate change and is generally in the category of durable stones.


Another characteristic of this stone is the porosity that is naturally seen in the structure of the stone. In fact, the porous texture of this stone makes travertine act as insulation and maintains the internal temperature of the environment, especially in cold regions.
Travertine stone is cut in two ways, wavy and non-wavy, and has a white, cream, and beige theme, which is sorted depending on the theme and wave of the stone.
Excellent polishing of light color and good adhesion with mortar are the prominent features of this stone. Travertine Stone is processed longitudinally, slabs, tiles, guillotines. There are designs on travertine stones that are classified into inflatable eyebrows, cow ribs, needles and based on their shapes.
Travertine is widely used in luxury facades, especially Roman and classical designs. Travertine is a very widely used fireplace, waterfalls, columns and capitals, sculptures and fountains.


  • The interior of the building
  • The facade of building
  • Classic, traditional and Roman facades
  • Modern and sporty facades
  • Combined views
  • Pedestrian walkway
  • Interior and exterior walls of the building
  • Margins and sides
  • View of luxury hotels, shops and malls
  • Stair walls
  • Building entrance lobby
  • Margins and elevator frames
  • Stone fence
  • In cap and table
  • Stone volumes
  • Stone Fountain
  • Stone pavilion and bench


  • It has a very beautiful appearance and gives a stylish and luxurious look to the building in the facade and inside and outside walls of the building.
  • The adhesion of mortar with this stone is very high.
  • This stone as a facade stone, in addition to beauty and transparency, has a high durability against different weather conditions.
  • This stone, due to having pores in its texture, has the property of relative insulation against heat and sound.
  • It is very easy to clean and maintain.

Physical and Chemical Analysis

Parameters Porosity Liquid Absorption Compressive Strength Specific Weight Abrasion Resistance
Minimum 2 0.2 300 2.4 2.7
Maximum 12 6 800 2.7 4
White Travertine 5.05 2.1 510 2.54 3.3