Aerial Telecommunication cables

Telephone cable for building and internal usage J-Y(st)Y

Technical data:

– Telephone cable acc. to TCI, VDE 0815, IEC 60189

– Temperature range:

during installation C°-5 to C°+50

before and after installation C°-30 to C°+70

– Nominal voltage: Max 200V

– Voltage test:

core/core 2000V a.c. 50Hz

core/screen 1000V a.c. 50Hz

– Insulation resistance: Min 500Mohm*km

– Mutual capacitance at: 100nF/Km at 1000Hz


These cables are used for telephone and signal transmission for permanent laying on or under plaster, outdoor on walls, and in Main Distribution Frame (MDF) systems.

Laying underground is not permissible.

Cable structure:

– Bare or tinned annealed copper conductor, solid, 0.4,0.5,0.6,0.8 mm

– PVC insulation

– Twinning: two insulated conductors twisted together.

– static screen: polyester tape + drain wire + AL. polyester tape

– PVC sheath